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Friday, March 26, 2010

La Hora de los Ninos

Below are some images from the trailer for a new Colombian pre-school series, created by a multi-partner group including the regional channels in Colombia, Citurna Producciones, the government media commission, and production consultants in other countries.

Elements of the series are produced all over the country, so that the children on camera truly represent the diversity of the country.

The descriptions of the program elements below aren't literal translations of the text on screen -- my Spanish isn't that good.

Title graphics for La Hora de los Ninos.

Goal: Empowerment of children in a familiar environment.

Goal: Promotion of common values.

Goal: Model adults reading to children.

Goal: Show children reading to children.

Goal: Encourage and demonstrate free expression by children.

One place where children express themselves is in interviews in the Bear's House.

Tell stories that engage children in a world of imagination, with children at the center of the story.

Goal: Show children natural processes and how familar things are made.

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