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Friday, July 4, 2008

Online safety

In Showcomotion's closing session, the question was raised why we never seem to get to discussing the creative foundations, processes and possibilities of the digital world. Showcomotion Producer Greg Childs, principal of Childseye Consulting noted that not just at Showcomotion, but at almost every conference on digital social networks and spaces, the theme veers quickly to problems and threats.

As if to prove the point, almost simultaneously with the closing session came this article from the LA Times about online bullies, thieves and cheaters, and this Huffington Post article on media addiction.

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PLUSone said...

I think what we are experiencing as adults is a hard time trusting something we are not familiar with...We fear that which we do not understand....The cyberworld is something that previous generations do not understand and that is what causes the fear of safety online...Bottomline technology and the cyberworld is not going anywhere and the benefits far out way the negative. We simply need to equip our kids with safety tools so that we know they are safe...I just attended the National Parent Teacher Asociation conference this last month and was introduced to a new software called CyberBully Alert. It is a tool for parents and kids to utilize when threats occur while online. As parents we need to find these tools and give them to our kids....We can not keep our kids away from water, we need to teach them to swim..But we do ease them into the pool with the proper safety equipment.

Unfortunatley we will always focus on the negative side of technology until we understand how beneficial it is for our kids to learn it, know it and use it properly....