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Thursday, July 2, 2009

"8 out of 10 Kids"

A few gems from this morning's "8 out of 10 kids" session at Showcomotion - a clever game built around children's entertainment developments of the past year plus media profiles of ten Sheffield students.

Paul Tyler (digital media "gun for hire"; creator of CBBC's "Bamzooki" – Social networks are like localized storms – people come in en masse and harvest what they want from the current hot site and then when it's used up they move to the next. So Facebook was the flavor of last year; Twitter is current; and who knows what will be next.

Helen McAleer (Walker Books, former head of children's for BBC Worldwide) - People who work in the publishing industry tend to love books, and so it’s especially hard for them to make the shift to other forms of distribution. But that’s where the kids are, so we need to deliver graphic novels to mobile phones and find new ways to present preschool content.

Estelle Hughes (3Line Media) and Jocelyn Stevenson TT Animation) – The BBC needs competition, but top-slicing the license fee to support Channel 4 serving children won’t add new money, just move around what’s already there. 30 million UKP was lost when CITV left children’s; that has to be made up from somewhere to get back to level.

Interestingly, the top three toys in the UK last year were all boy-oriented: Hot Wheels (3), Pixar "Cars" (2), and "Ben10" Action figures (1).


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Debra Moffitt said...

Hi David. Interesting stuff, especially about those book lovers who have a hard time embracing other media. Also wanted to tell you that Addie Swartz has been wonderful and we're about to finalize a partnership between Beacon Street Girls and The Pink Locker Society. So thanks for connecting me with her!