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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


1) How would you feel about a simple, little red button on the TV set that you push and find out instantly how the next program is rated for family values, etc.? Many parents cannot manage the current V-chip ratings technology.

2) The bulk of the CTA applies only to broadcasters; it is narrow and broadcast-centric. Does this limitation make sense today? Should we only be concerned about children's interaction with media over the public airwaves?

3) How should the CTA be updated?


Broadcast is the only form of distribution in 15 million homes approximately. With respect to cable, parents just want to make sure there are appropriate channels and programs across the array. They want tools to find the right programs for their children, and to exercise control over what they don't want.

We should think big and expect big things from entrepreneurs and inventors, to create for parents the tools they want -- specific content for their child. This will involve the web, but also the converging technologies in TV sets. The FCC will explore the state of the marketplace in tools like this.

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