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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Do you believe the three-hour rule is working? The FCC has the power to unilaterally require more than three hours; would you consider that? The FCC has shown little interest in enforcing the Act thus far; what can the FCC do?

(Rockefeller then expressed concern that kids are doing their homework later in the evening, and so watching prime time programming, which is not covered by the CTA...)


The rules for reporting E/I programming -- public files, FCC filings -- worked for the technology at the time. Now, that kind of information should be online and easily accessible to parents. We will revamp the FCC website to provide more information about what is being offered as E/I.

The next step for the FCC is to evaluate what is being offered across the marketplace -- cable, satellite, etc. There's good news in what's being offered via cable, but many families don't have access. Our inquiry will look at quantity and quality, tools and parental enforcement.

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