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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Senator Amy Klobuchar (MN) asked for evaluations of current blocking technologies.

Sandy Calvert noted Amy Jordan's research at the University of Pennsylvania finding that most parents had a difficult time programming their V-chip.

Jim Steyer thinks we're very close to simpler technologies for navigation -- finding and blocking. The V-Chip technology, he said, was meaningful, but the rating system was meaningless; 3rd party, independent ratings are the answer.

In the fall, Common Sense ratings will appear via the Interactive Program Guide for all DirecTV families. The "little read button" is crucial because it's at the "point of decision."

Klobuchar also serves on the Agriculture Committee, and wanted to ask about food advertising and character promotion guidelines.

John Lawson reiterated that Qubo's guidelines were called the "gold standard," but said Qubo found it very hard to get recognition since they are digital channels. This hearing was a valuable opportunity to bring them to light.

Cyma Zarghami talked about Nickelodeon's decisions on not using characters tie-ins with certain foods, about meeting regularly with its food advertisers, and about trying to support parents in their efforts to manage their families' food and media lives.

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