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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Senator Nelson (FL) asked Sandy Calvert to expand on her proposal for a center to study, develop and produce media.

Calvert cited the Sesame Workshop model, where research, education and production work toghether. She reiterated that there is not a financial model that has worked sustainably for older children.

Nelson followed up by asking why we limit commercial minutes, but don't regulate commercial content.

John Lawson replied that self-regulation can be effective, again citing Qubo's content and marketing guidelines.

Gary Knell talked about the United Kingdom model, where the BBC has multiples more money than US public TV and where food marketing restrictions were imposed and "the sky did not fall in."

Jim Steyer supported FCC Chair Genachowski's statement that he intended for the FCC to make firm the ban on interactive advertising to children. He also noted that Common Sense Media had recommended to the FCC and Congress a plan for ad content restrictions during family-oriented programming like sports, citing the difficulty of explaining erectile dysfunction to a five-year-old.

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