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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Senator Pryor (AR):

I am concerned that children now have access to video streaming and more via their cell phones. This mushrooms the challenges we have, because even the most attentive parents have difficulty monitoring mobile content. Does the FCC have any plans to look into this?


As part of the Child Safe Viewing Act, the FCC will catalog all the tools available to parents.

As to the mobile, we want our kids to be on computers, to have access to information, to have open vistas to education; at the same time, we have to respond to parents' concerns about the other content their kids may be accessing.

The key is to give parents tools to let them exercise their choices. They prefer to do it themselves and not have the government do it for them, so what can we do to prompt innovation of what parent want.


What is the status of research into the educational effectiveness and quality of programming listed as Educational/Informational"?


We don't have a deadline for when this will be completed.

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