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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jim Steyer, Common Sense Media:

Senator Rockefeller said this was a transformational moment in media, and we need to look at this issue not just regarding the CTA, but regarding the domestic and international security of our country, given the educational needs of the next generation.

1) Educate; 2) Empower; 3) Protect -- these are the three core values regardless of platform.

On education, there needs to be more quality educational content across all platforms. The second part of education is to provide digital literacy and citizenship learning for kids and parents. Kids who are not digitally literate will not compete.

On empowerment, that's the "little red button" that Senator Rockefeller asked about. Common Sense Media rates and describes content across multiple platforms to give parents the ability to make good choices.

Regarding protection, it has to come not only from industry, but from Congress and the FCC. We can balance First Amendment Freedoms with protective regulations. This primarily comes from adult content, not from the children's channels like Nickelodeon.

This is a truly bipartisan concern. Think big and think dramatic.

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