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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Looking Back to Look Forward

Today's closing plenary session was about finding creative inspiration, in tribute to the late Oliver Postgate, and his partner Peter Firmin, creators of Smallfilms. In a barn, the two of them produced some of the best-loved British animation of all time...done simply.

Series like "Bagpuss," "The Clangers," "Noggin the Nog" and "Ivor the Engine" are stars in the British TV firmament, and some have found a new home for parents and kids to watch together on Nick Jr. UK -- 8-10 pm, 7 nights a week.

Nick Jr UK MD Howard Litton showed a delightful promo for this block, with a tip of the rabbit ears to "Teletubbies." A boy playing in his backyard is dressed in a homemade spacesuit for a time machine trip to the 60's. He opens a door in the front of the spacesuit to reveal a screen showing "The Clangers." At the end of the promo, the boy reappears in perfect 60s granny glasses and wig!

A final word for the day from Richard Goleszowski, Creative Director of Broadcast and Development for Aardman: "Kids don't get bored because programs move too slowly; they get bored when they can't understand what's going on. At the animatic stage, we know what every character in every second of 'Shaun the Sheep' is thinking, and if we don't we fix it before we go on."


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